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2022 China’s supply chain digital upgrade industry

The world has entered the era of supply chain competition, and China's position in the international production pattern

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With the continuous changes in the global economic environment, trade pattern, and innovative industries, it has entered a new era of supply chain diversification and high-quality development. The construction and upgrade of the supply chain system in a region or country can enable competitors to effectively utilize more resources and continuously increase unit production capacity, thereby maintaining a leading position. The process of my country’s industrial revolution has intersected with the world’s development trajectory, and its status in the international production pattern has been significantly improved. In the future, it will face the challenge of informatization and intelligence. Driven by the development of the digital economy and technology, the traditional supply chain is transforming into a digital supply network . The development of digital and intelligent technology is the cornerstone of the increasingly mature enterprise management tools and enterprise management ideas. The digitalization process on the demand side is rapid, and the traditional supply chain is under obvious pressure. On the rise, each node enterprise in the supply chain must rely on the blessing of emerging technologies and the empowerment of the supply chain platform to gradually realize the informatization, digitization and visualization of the supply chain, so as to further promote the structural reform of China’s supply side and realize the relationship between supply and demand. The complete digital economy that matches. Under Metcalfe’s Law, with the development and extension of the digital supply network in the future, its value will increase exponentially, bringing huge benefits to enterprises and industries.