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Hangzhou branch

Serving customers with their multi-dimensional logistics needs.

Welcome to the Hangzhou branch of Shanghai Syntrans International Logistics Co., Ltd.


General Manager’s speech

As the inland port of the Group, Shanghai Syntrans International Logistics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch is mainly serving direct customers and meeting their multi-dimensional logistics needs of "sea, river, land, air and rail".

Hangzhou branch has been adhering to the service tenet of “perfect service”. We take it as our mission to help our customers to complete their foreign deliveries. We develop end-to-end logistics solutions.

In the future, Hangzhou Branch will continue to provide logistics services along the whole supply chain to provide more professional and better services to our customers.

Hangzhou Branch in Numbers

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Port-based products and services

Due to its unique geographical location, Shanghai Syntrans International logistics Co., Ltd. Hangzhou Branch can effectively provide various logistics solutions, not only through Anji Port, Changxing Railway, Dushan Terminal or direct towing to Shanghai, but also through Huzhou Sea Railway, Dongzhou Sea River, Deqing Sea River, Zhapu branch line and other multimodal transport to Ningbo, which is very good for customers to provide the whole process of “cost control, strong protection “One-stop service.

Our main advantages are as follows:

We provide personalised solutions for local shippers.

We also provide transportation from Shanghai and Ningbo ports

with a wide range of channels, combined with multimodal transport, to achieve cost reduction and efficiency for customers.

U.S. line shipowners contract COSCO/EMC/ONE/WH/CUL multi-level to provide customers with different logistics solutions.

Overseas agents all over the world, operating DDP/DAP/CIP has more than 20 years of history

for each country policy understand a lot, especially good at Europe and the United States.

overseas delivery, storage after the rise and flourishing, can be managed to the box, piece for the unit.

We are specialized in the export of lithium battery and lithium battery products, customs clearance.

close to the local government, can seek for the shipper, to explore the implementation of various subsidies and incentives.

In recent years, Shanghai and Ningbo seaport group through the construction of multi-logistics channel, to provide professional logistics solutions, vigorously build a sea-river intermodal transport, sea-rail intermodal transport and other different logistics out of the mode, a good protection of Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai enterprises export needs, and actively serve the economic and social development.

Hangzhou branch, regardless of Hangzhou, Shanghai, Ningbo port, have a number of warehouses, fleet, customs brokerage
At the same time, the service range extends to Anhui, Jiangxi, Jiangsu and other cities, and can reach Ningbo or Shanghai port through multimodal transport. For key customers, we can directly lock in CCA agreements and use the sea-rail mode to effectively reduce logistics costs and jointly maintain and develop large point-to-point customers.

Anji Port feeder waterway connection to Shanghai Port

Shanghai port sea and railway, mainly pushing Jiaxing, Huzhou, Changxing, Zhuji, Suzhou, Wuxi, Haian, Changzhou

Efforts to build a diversified logistics in northern Zhejiang: all kinds of sea-rail, sea-river multimodal transport can be undertaken, and provide one-stop service

Introduction of the team

Hangzhou company currently has 50 formal employees, including 17 employees with more than 8 years of experience, the culture of basic college and above. Practitioners in this position are basically 3 years and more work experience, professional and dedicated is the basic requirement of our position.

Core Customers

Core Capabilities and Case Studies.

Case (A)

Hangzhou Hikvision Technology Management Co. 4PL logistics management 

(Hikvision 002415) is a leading provider of security products and industry solutions, committed to continuously improving video processing technology and video analysis technology, providing leading security products, professional industry solutions and quality services to the world, and creating greater value for customers. With industry-leading technology and sustainable research and development capabilities, Hikvision has created numerous industry and world firsts, and has always led the way in the industry. The company has successively launched security products such as video and audio compression boards, network hard disk recorders, video servers, cameras/intelligent dome cameras, optical terminals, DVR/DVS/boards, network storage, comprehensive video platforms and centre management software, and provides suitable segmented products and professional industry solutions. The domestic market share of digital surveillance products has been in the forefront for years (accounting for more than 50%)

Customer needs: 4PL logistics management
Logistics solutions

  1. Digital transformation, customised online query system.
  2. Establish supplier database to manage logistics suppliers.
  3. Use of front-end warehouse for inventory management. contingency plan
  4. Year-round price locking, fixed cost.

Case (B)

Hang Fork Group Co. Multimodal transportation to meet customers' requirements

(stock code: 603298) Hang Fork Group is one of the largest forklift research and development and manufacturing groups in China. At present, there are 77 holding subsidiaries and 9 shareholding companies under the group, and the group has more than 5,000 employees. For more than 10 years, our product sales have been ranked among the top in the industry, and our exports have been ranked among the top in the industry for 10 consecutive years. According to the ranking of global forklift trucks by sales by MMH Modern Logistics & Handling magazine, Hangxiao Group ranks 8th in the world.

Customer demand: control logistics cost

  1. Matching the corresponding shipping company according to the different needs of the customer’s port and destination port
  2. Formulate personalised domestic logistics solutions (Dongzhou Haihe, Zhapu Haihe, direct towing mode) to reduce logistics costs
  3. According to the product characteristics of some products (lithium products), matching the corresponding operation to ensure legal compliance.

Hangzhou Branch News

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