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In April 2021, Dongzhou International Port opened the first inland river foreign trade container boutique route, this foreign trade container boutique route by Hangzhou Port Group under the city traffic investment and Zhejiang Seaport Jiaxing Port Co.

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The route adopts a “five-definition” liner operation mode, i.e. fixed loading and unloading port, fixed transportation route, fixed liner schedule, fixed transportation time and fixed full transportation price. After the opening of the “Dongzhou-Zhapu-Ningbo” route, it is planned that there will be 6 round trips in both directions every day, with the one-way transportation time within 2 days and the round trip within 4 days, which can effectively improve the transportation time and efficiency and bring higher economic benefits to the enterprises. At the same time, the Second Canal Project of the Municipal Transportation Investment Group is in full swing, and the construction of the Xiasha Port along the Second Canal will be started soon, which is expected to be completed and put into operation at the same time by the end of 2022. In the future, Hangzhou Transportation will continue to optimize the business environment, improve the ability to radiate the economic hinterland, and better serve the construction of a strong transportation country in Zhejiang Province and the creation of a model of “important window”.