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Hefei Branch

Providing a personalised, flexible service for our customers.

Welcome to the Hefei Branch of Shanghai Syntrans International Logistics Co., Ltd.

General Manager’s speech

Shanghai Syntrans Hefei Branch was established in early 2014. Over the past eight years, we have fully relied on the excellent platform and resources of the headquarters, and have been working hard to gradually grow from a single department to a multi-departmental, multi-functional and diversified group back office center, and also enjoy a good reputation among our local counterparts in Hefei.

The fatty water flows eastward for an endless period of time, and at the beginning, it did not merge with the crowd. Whether it is the star-studded China University of Science and Technology, the BOE that lights up the world, or the promising future of Azera, the Hefei branch has fully integrated the local advantageous resources and gathered the strength of the group, always adhering to the headquarters to build “the most international local freight forwarder, the most localized international freight forwarder” belief, and constantly thinking: Hefei What can we do and where can we expand our comfort zone in Hefei. We do our best to understand our customers and their needs, and actively customize individual, flexible and secure transport solutions for our customers, so that we can win together with them and be the most solid partner for each other.
We firmly believe that if you don’t reject a river, you will become a river and a sea!

Hefei Branch in Numbers

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Port-based products and services

Booking team

By working with top shipping companies, our fast booking speed and accurate booking information provide our customers with efficient and high quality space services.

Manifest Team

We have signed long-term cooperation agreements with major shipping agencies, directly interacting with information, simple entry, intelligent verification, and improved delivery efficiency, with the core advantages of automatic matching, dynamic tracking, year-round flash delivery, etc., to meet customers’ manifest needs in all aspects, while solving all kinds of difficult problems encountered by customers in the manifest.

Operation Team

Our professional team will work out an exclusive plan according to your business needs and provide full cargo tracking services to provide more efficient, professional and flexible services for each shipment you make, ensuring that your cargo will be completed smoothly.

Documentary team

According to the business needs of customers, we provide the confirmation of bill of lading and VGM declaration for the whole route and port to guarantee the smooth shipment of customers’ goods.

Commercial Team

Integrate the revenue and cost entry of all outbound cargoes, as well as the reconciliation of major booking ports, confirm the costs incurred in each link, and escort the company’s workflow to ensure further circular development.

Introduction of the team

Shanghai Syntrans Hefei Branch has an enterprising and dynamic young team with an average age of 29 years old.

Such a team has an agile mind, a deadly spirit and professional professionalism, and can be flexible enough to provide personalised services for our customers for the Group. The strongest wisdom is the wisdom of all, the greatest force is the combined force, we gathered every like-minded strength to do one thing together, work in this, happy in this, happy.

Hefei Branch News

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