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Love and charity with you and me

In the afternoon of July 3, 2019, Mr. Shen Yan, Chairman of Shanghai Syntrans Group and Honorary Chairman of the Overseas Education College National Association, visited Shanghai Chest Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiaotong University to visit the poor children donated by the "Heart Fund" jointly initiated by Mr. Shen Yan, Chairman of Syntrans, and the alumni of the Overseas Education College, and inquired about the children's post-operative condition.

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Shanghai Syntrans Group Chairman Yan Shen never forgets his original intention to give love and build hope with perseverance.

In the paediatric cardiac surgery ward of Chest Hospital, Chairman Shen asked about the treatment, recovery and family life of the children with “precordial disease”.

Infected by Mr. Shen’s love, the staff of Shanghai Syntrans and Mr. Shen brought gifts of daily necessities and school supplies for the children with “precocious heart disease” and gave them to each of them personally, urging them to get well and grow up healthily to become a useful person to the society in the future.

The parents shook Chairman Shen’s hand and kept expressing their gratitude, as well as their appreciation to Chairman Shen and his Shanghai Syntrans Group for their loving donation, which enabled the children to receive timely and free treatment.

Committed to the cause With the help of the “Heart” Foundation, the sick children were treated one by one, and as they were given a new lease of life, Chairman Shen expressed his pride and joy in participating in this charity work, and will continue to devote himself to it in the future to bring hope and help to more people.

The “Heart” Fund is a free and hassle-free “medical assistance” process for the families of children with transport, accommodation and surgery, with Chairman Shen Yan as the main initiator, led by the School’s Local Cooperation Office and initiated by the alumni of the School of Overseas Education. “The process. It was set up to benefit children with precocious heart disease in areas supported by the Shanghai Jiao Tong University Local Co-operation Office (such as Eryuan in Yunnan and other areas).

For six consecutive years from 2014 to 2019, a total of 68 children from poor families have been rescued, with the average cost of surgery at RMB 40,000. After years of efforts, children with precocious heart disease in the Eryuan area have been fully intervened and controlled. The 10 children who came to Shanghai this time included six children of Bai and Yi ethnic groups, the youngest of whom was half a year old and the oldest six years old. They arrived in Shanghai on 23 June and were admitted to the paediatric cardiac surgery ward of the Chest Hospital, where they underwent a comprehensive examination from 24 to 27 June and began surgery on 28 June.

In addition, Shanghai Syntrans also donated RMB 1,200,000.00 (one million two hundred thousand yuan) to the “Heart” Foundation during the visit, and will donate RMB 300,000.00 (three hundred thousand yuan) per year over four years from 2019 to 2022. The road of public welfare never stops.

Vice President Fan Xiaohong and Chief Doctor Wang Xiaozhou gave a detailed introduction of the situation before and after the operation. The representatives of the alumni and the families of the children highly praised the medical and nursing staff of the Chest Hospital for their excellent skills and enthusiasm, and hoped that the Chest Hospital would get better and better and benefit more heart disease patients. Chairman Shen and the delegates highly praised and affirmed the management of the “Heart” Fund by the school and the hospital.

The “Heart” Foundation not only establishes an open mechanism for the investment of public funds, but also standardises and normalises a series of work such as targeted donations – voluntary screening – surgical treatment – hospital visits – follow-up visits. Every time a project is carried out, information on the recipient’s family situation, medical reports and treatment costs are released to the donor simultaneously, allowing for comprehensive monitoring and full transparency of the process and results.