Mission Vision Culture & Values

For Syntrans, corporate culture won't be worthwhile until it guides every aspect of business operations and solidifies everyone's dedication to it, allowing the company to build team cohesion and competitive advantages on its foundation.

Syntrans shows a strong “family” culture based on the founder’s Buddhist beliefs and traditional Chinese culture. Employees have a strong sense of belonging and loyalty, and most of them have been working with the company for over a decade.


The dream of Syntransers is to provide total logistic solutions to its target market which is promoted as “China Solution Concept”. This mission explains why Syntrans exists. 


Syntrans’ vision shows its long-term strategic aim of being a leading supply chain brand through providing end to end logistic solutions to its target markets. 

Value Proposition

– Total Cost of Ownership

Syntrans believes that the “China Solution Concept” could only be based on the total cost of clients’ procurement and its related impact factors. The digital measurement of value creation and cost savings are the reasons why Syntrans is chosen by its 5000 clients.


  • Hard work pays off. Fairness shows in our remuneration system
  • Equal opportunities for all employees


  • Collaboration allows each team member to play their best strengths
  • And to support others’ weaknesses so the team can operate as one