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Tianjin Branch

Our core business is the export of full containers by sea.

Welcome to the Tianjin Branch of Shanghai Syntrans International Logistics Co., Ltd.

Introduction of the company team

Ltd. Tianjin Branch was established in November 2006, with 19 employees, divided into five functional departments: Marketing, Sales, Overseas, Operation and Finance.

The company’s main business is the export of full containers by sea, which is divided into two modules: overseas designated cargo and local self-consignment. The overseas designated cargo part mainly refers to the company’s European agent IFE, AHLERS, and the business of WSL LINE in South America; local self-consignment we have always been committed to serving direct customers, combined with the company’s products, focusing on Europe, South America, North America and Southeast Asia routes.

At the same time, based on our years of experience in Tianjin port, we are willing and able to provide value-added services to our customers, including regular customs clearance, trucking, terminal loading, cargo consolidation, inbound and outbound warehousing services as well as unconventional and personalised services, such as loading and consolidation of oversized special containers for bulky cargo, issuing third party investigation reports, bulk cargo services, refrigerated containers, dangerous goods operations, etc.

Syntrans Tianjin adheres to the philosophy of “integrity, pragmatism, teamwork and innovation” and follows the concept of the head office, striving to become “a local logistics enterprise with international, Internet thinking”.


Tianjin Branch in Numbers

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Port-based products and services


Inland Trailer Transport

Tianjin port sources are mainly from Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province, followed by Henan, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang and Gansu, etc. We can provide efficient and high-quality land transport solutions for different sources to ensure the smooth delivery of goods on time.


Sea freight

By cooperating with major ship owners and actively promoting their online platforms, we provide our customers with the best prices and the best services, as well as the dynamic tracking of the shipped goods to ensure after-sales service.


Terminal Services

Through cooperation with major yards/reinforcement teams/customs brokers, we provide terminal services such as crating, reinforcement, palletizing, wrapping, supervision, SURVERY, customs clearance, etc.

Core Customers

Tianjin Branch News

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