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We walk together on the road of love

Dear all the families of Syntrans.
 Hello! Life is so precious, it only comes around once. Being able to live a healthy and happy life is the greatest treasure in life.
When we are singing and laughing with our friends.
When we reunite with our families and share a happy life.
When we are working hard, studying and thinking about life.

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Yunnan ERYUAN Love Flash Angel Charity Initiative

Do you know that there is a group of poor children with pre-heart disease around us, fighting with their families against the disease with their little strength, using their strength to interpret the meaning of life!
The “Heart Foundation” is a joint effort with the School of Overseas Education of Shanghai Jiao Tong University (SJTU), with Chairman Shen Yan as one of the main founders, to support the local cooperation office of SJTU in the Eryuan area of Yunnan. In the six consecutive years from 2014 to 2019, a total of 68 children suffering from “precocious heart disease” have been rescued and more than RMB 1.2 million has been spent. In the past six consecutive years, we have spent more than RMB 1.2 million on charity work.
This time, in order to better participate in the work of helping children with precocious heart disease in Yunnan’s Eryuan area, the company issued the following initiatives to the family: 1.
1、 Each department recommends candidates and jointly elects a Love Flash Angel and can bring a Love Angel (children aged 5-12) to participate in this return visit for public welfare activities.
2. All staff will vote and donate to the Angel they trust the most (RMB 100 per person, more than one person can vote).
3. The Angel of Love will be awarded to the person with the highest score (number of votes * amount of money).
a/ Full transportation and accommodation
b/ Choice of 3 days or 5 days
c/ Paid holiday
Angel duty: to bring the love of everyone, provide full graphic sharing and reporting, share the journey of the heart
4. Other candidates will pass the money they have received to the angels. They will also become the Love Elders of the event.
A donation committee will be set up for this event, with a target donation of 10,000 Yuan RMB. All donations will be used for this charity walk, no matter how much they are, they represent the heart of the New Fortune family! By carrying out this public welfare walk, it is intended that every Syntrans family member will participate in it, be brave enough to take social responsibility and carry forward the spirit of selflessness and dedication. This is perhaps more vivid and educational than sitting in a classroom!

Let’s reach out and give a helping hand, Syntrans families, and let’s guard this culture of love and good fortune together!

The following 2 attachments are excerpts from the final reports of our company’s participation in the “Premature Heart Disease” charity campaign for children in 2017 and 2018.